Our Gifts for SLB13

Our Gift for this Year’s Big Hunt!

This year, Tarquin Evermore made some really nifty decorative gears …just perfect for your steampunk lifestyles!  They have resizer scripts and the center is scripted so the texture moves and flashes.  [It’s very dramatic.]  We have then staged at the corners of our build in SLB13 Electrify.  Happy hunting!

Our gifts for the Big Hunt!

To learn more about this year’s hunt, visit the official SLB 13 website; here’s the link.  And, if you see Rosamoo Mendelsohn in-world, give them a hug and shout-out, ’cause producing a hunt this big is a tremendous labor of love.  Thanks, Rosamoo!

When you see this texture in-world, it means that parcel is participating in the hunt.

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