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The Demon Concordance



The term “demon” can be applied to any and all of the creatures whose ancestors were born in the realms of Muspelheim (the realm of fire) and Jotunheim (the realm of ice). Before the gods fell, these people moved freely between their native realms and Midgard, the realm of men. “Demon” is a generic term, even as “human” might be applied to any child of man.

The demons of the Neo’Verse aren’t Judaeo-Christian demons, damned to eternal torment. 

They are creatures that are very self-serving, without much conscious, but enjoying power and influence.  They are very competitive among their own, and can be rather brutal.

Most of demon-kind fought against the Aesir during Ragnarok. Most of the Sidhe fought with the gods.  After the fall, when the Sidhe began their conquest of Midgard, they brought that old enmity with them, killing or enslaving the demons who remained.

There are many kinds of demons. Some are tall, some tiny. Some are painfully beautiful, others are deformed (even grotesque, by human standards). Many have amazing magical abilities; others have little or no magic of their own. In short, the demons are as wide and varied in their pedigree and abilities as humankind.

Penny finds herself a djinn and three wishes

For example, the Ifrit and the Djinn as internal cultural designations for the “Sons of Muspel”; i.e. the fire-giant and demon inhabitants of Muspelheim, Realm of Fire. At the onset of Ragnarok, they crossed the bifrost bridge and would have destroyed it completely had not (in Neo) the culmination of Ragnarok been averted. Unluckily for them, the survivors of this failed army were captured by loyal Celestials and bound to servitude by powerful runes. The Lord Solomon (a powerful Sidhe) punished their aggression by forcing their labor on public works, eventually imprisoning the survivors for their capricious and destructive ways.

Those demons who are not imprisoned are controlled through guilds.  For example, we have portal imps who are responsible for moving content between the worlds.  Some demons are members of the Soul Casters Guild; many find refuge as sex-workers in the the Bawd Guild; still others work as indentured servants to the powerful and wealthy.

If there is a slave-caste in the Neo-Verse, it is demon-kind. A free-living demon is a very rare creature.

If you’d like to roleplay a demon in NeoVictoria, and have questions, chat with one of the admins.

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