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Radio Nightingale and the NeoVictoria Project present the 2021 “Talk Like a Pirate!” Event!

 For Immediate Release
 17 September 2021

Radio Nightingale & the NeoVictoria Project present 2021’s “Talk Like a Pirate!” Event!

The skyclub is ready for this year’s Talk Like a Pirate event!

A celebration marking the NeoVictoria Project’s Eleventh Year in Second Life!

This live radio event, broadcast on Radio Nightingales’ Steampunk channel, will celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”.   Gabrielle Riel Morningstar to Disc Jockey.  There will be prizes for best costumes! Argh!!!

Date:  Sunday, 19 September 2021
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm, Pacific-time (Second Life-time)
Location: The NeoVictoria SkyClub in Second Life [Machinima SIM]
SLUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Machinima/98/127/703

This year, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Sunday, 19 September 2021.  That date also marks the eleventh anniversary of the NeoVictoria Project in Second Life!  To celebrate we’re having a costume party in the NeoVictoria Skyclub and it’s a pirate theme.

  • Radio Nightingale will broadcast the event over their Steampunk channel with Gabrielle Riel Morningstar  as our disc jockey.
  • Our host is MadMechaMessiah.
  • The lucky winners of  our “best in” costume contests will receive Lindens!
  • The music starts at 6 PM, SL-time, with contest voting after 7 PM.

Our “Talk Like a Pirate” party is open to all adult Second Life residents and is not a formal roleplay event.

About Radio Nightingale:  Radio Nightingale (formerly known as Radio Riel) is an Internet-based public radio station supported by listeners and sponsors.  They produce six audio streams which provide a unique selection of music, spoken-word, drama and additional programming to inform, educate and entertain, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact: Gabrielle Riel.

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.
Contact: Asil Ares.

Art for “Talk Like a Pirate” Party, 2021

Talk Like a Pirate at the NeoVictoria Skyclub!