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Skyplatforms in NeoVictoria SIM

We Have Many Levels

The simulations in Second Life reach almost 5,000 meters.  Since the SL viewer has a maximum draw distance of 512 meters, that gives makers the option to create skyplatforms.  Last year, the Lab added the ability to change the environmental settings at different elevations.  For the project,  that meant that we were able to create new planets at different elevations, or new locations to our characters’ homeworld of planet NeoVictoria.

Below are the current platforms and a little about each location.  All are 360-degree panorama (equirectangular) snapshots were taken using  SL Viewer – Second Life Project 360 Capture.

The pictures are currently hosted on the Flickr platform because it has the ability to support the 360-degree effect.  Click the photo to open a new tab that allows an interactive engagement.

The Visitor Center and Skymall

Here are the first places players visit when they teleport to the estate.  It’s out-of-character (OOC) and offers information on what folks need to begin roleplaying with us.

The Port City of NeoLondon [the landlevel]

This is the main roleplay area.  We have made a lot of additions to create the effect of a port city surrounded by rolling hills.  On this planet, the light is cast by the moon.  It is a twilight world.  The NeoVictoria SIM has free character rentals and the Machinima SIM has pay-for rentals.

NeoLondon Junkyard and Skyship Port

This is the shipyard, Skyport, and junkyard for NeoLondon.

NeoLondon Fairgrounds and Forest

A favorite place to celebrate the solstices, this location also has extensive forests, secret caves, and sacred trees.

Letwick, Planet NeoEdinburgh

Colonized by people from the highlands of Scotland on Old Earth, NeoEdinburgh is an ocean world with few large landmasses, but thousands of tiny islands.

Strand War Memorial, Planet Greenwell

This planet was almost completely destroyed at the end of the Strand War. This sector of the city has been left as it was at the end of the war and now acts as a museum and memorial to the struggle.