Tales from NeoVictoria: A Visit to Mrs. Chickenstalkers: Scene 1

A Visit to Mrs. Chickenstalkers:
Scene 1

Time: 19 April 2018 from Noon to 2:30 PM
Location: NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM] & Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Athenaeum Arcana]
Organized By: Asil Ares

Players: AsilBBB as Cerridwen~in~Chains; MadMechaMessah as Haskell Faustus; Hmmmph Stenvaag as Hmmmph the Bumbling Traveler; and LadyLyndon as Jane Black

Event Description

The NeoVictorians open a portal between the Sidhe Empire and the famed merchant realm of Athenaeum Arcana in the fairelands.

In the town of NeoLondon, on the planet NeoVictoria, in the Sidhe Empire.
Cerridwen~in~Chains flits like a firefly in her prison of stone, bronze and rune-locked magics.
Haskell Faustus whirls downwards; a tornado of pitch-black feathers.
Cerridwen~in~Chains whispers a thought: “You return, just as the gate to fairelands opens.”
Jane Black felt the black flapping wings the prelude to a good story. “Greetings Auditor.”
“I beg your pardon, Miss. Have we met before?”
Hmmmph stops abruptly as she almost collides with the newcomer. “So sorry!”
“Forgive me but I cannot stay and chat. Distant lands are calling and the portal must be opened.”
Haskell Faustus enters, feeling first the welcoming warmth of the ward, then the soothing cool between the massive stone walls of the towering cathedral.
“Portal?” her brows furrow as she strives to remember what today is. “Ah!!! The Faire. The Auditor…he is opening the portal!!!”
She kens him; as he approaches the organ in the central nave, which controls the machine that she powers …which in turn …powers the city, it would come alive.
Calling on the power, his mind reaching out to Cerridwen to unite and amplify their magic, he chants the secret names of the runes and draws them in the air.
Mesmerized by the beauty of the lights and by the sounds of an unknown spell reverberating endlessly in the cathedral
They make a stable funnel between the dimensions. Slowly, the others would see a portal begin to form in the stone floor.
Haskell lands, the fires licking at his fingers and blazing in his eyes, turning to embers, and then disappears entirely.
She felt her body weaken at the magnificent sight …unknowingly, her hand had grabbed the hand of the woman besides her.
“Miss… Do you have good arms? I am asking because I might faint anytime soon.”
“I should hope so; I’m a swordswoman for hire.”
“Adventure awaits,” he tells them, then boldly steps into the portal and is swallowed.
They step into a different landscape; seeing a familiar sign …they walk through the door.
“Greetings, Travelers. Welcome to Mrs. Chickenstalkers Apothecary and Fine Goods Emporium.”
“What are the odds? The portal led us right to a Chickenstalker’s.”
Her legs tremble… “This is the passage in the book where I faint.” And on that precise last word, she does.
Haskell puts the woman on the couch and accepts the water Hmmmph hands to him. “Here, drink this …slowly.”
Perhaps it is time for Chickenstalker’s famous assortment of smelling salts.
“This must have been her first time stepping through an inter-dimensional portal. First time is always the worst.”
“I will start looking for the salts.” Hmmmph eyes a cabinet of bottles and walks towards what she hopes is her prize.

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