FFaire 2018

Fantasy Faire 2018 Is Almost Here!

And We’re Showing Our Support

Fantasy Faire is Second Life’s largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers.  It’s eleven day of commerce, special events, music & fundraising in fifteen SIMs created specifically for this event.  Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” fundraising effort.  Last year’s Fantasy Faire raised more than US$34,000!

It’s a grand design!

This is the NeoVictoria Project’s fifth year sponsoring the faire; this year, we’re sponsoring the Quest!

We’re also roleplaying on Beq Janus grand library region named “Athenaeum Arcana“, with a cycle planned that includes many FREE roleplay props.

NeoLondoners Enjoy Tea at Mrs. Chickenstalkers

Join us for “A Visit to Mrs. Chickenstalkers” and see you at the Faire!





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