Skypirates Dock at the Lighthouse

The NeoVictoria Project presents “A Legacy of War”

 For Immediate Release
 20 September 2017

The NeoVictoria Project presents “A Legacy of War”.

Four days of non-stop roleplay, celebrating the NeoVictoria Project’s seventh year in Second Life!

This series of roleplay events begins on Wednesday, 20 September 2017, with the arrival of sky-pirates!  Everyone is invited to roleplay with us!


[From the Visitor’s Center, teleport to the NeoLondon Bridge, then cross the Neo-Thames; the lighhouse is just off the bridge-landing.]

In NeoVictoria, we do free-form dark roleplay.  Free-form means there is no script; scenes evolve out of real-time character interactions.  Dark roleplay means characters may act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways.

We use a simple dice-based wearable HUD called the NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool; avatars must wear this to see the roleplay chat.  The item is free and available in our Visitor Center and various locations on our out-of-character skymall.

Players don’t have to be a member of our group to roleplay here; we do ask newcomers take a tour of the Visitor Center in NeoVictoria SIM to learn about the storyworld before joining in the roleplay.  [Observer tags are also available for players who want to visit the land level, but not roleplay.]

A Legacy of War; our 7 year anniversary series


 A Legacy of War: the Pirates Arrive

Time: Wednesday, 20 September from 6 PM, SL-Time.
Location: Lighthouse [Machinima SIM]
Organized By: Asil Ares
Event Description: The pirates arrive and dock at the lighthouse.

A Legacy of War: Oddness at the Lighthouse

Time: Thursday, 21 September from 6 PM, SL-Time.
Location: Lighthouse [Machinima SIM]
Organized By: Asil Ares
Event Description
: The engine on the pirate’s airship starts acting up …odd things occur.

A Legacy of War: the Thanatos Field

Time: Friday, 22 September from 6 PM, SL-Time.
Location: Lighthouse [Machinima SIM]
Organized By: Asil Ares
Event Description: The pirates jettison the engine, which destroys the lighthouse.

A Legacy of War: the New Lighthouse

Time:  September 29, 2017, [START TIME TBA]
Location: Lighthouse [Machinima SIM]
Event Description:  The NeoLondoners build a new lighthouse to replace the one that was destroyed.

More About the Project

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment.  Built with a Steampunk aesthetic, the goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.  Website:  Contact for NeoVictoria: Asil Ares.

A bit about our storyworld:  in the Neo’Verse, the Sidhe (fae) never faded, but worked with … some would say ruled over …their human charges until the Sidhe Empire spanned the known universe.  So many races exist: faeries, demons and clockwerk constructs (powered by gears and rune-craft), humans, vampires, werebeasts and celestials.  All held against the ravages of time by magic, intrigue and human ingenuity.

Planet NeoVictoria (where our characters play) is a small planet, nestled in the VICO III galaxy, its citizenry cling to the land and sky, for its vast oceans are home to forces that do not heed the crown. But some are loyal to the Sidhe queen who sits on her throne billions of light-years away. Alexandrina Victoria Tuatha Dé Danann, Queen of Earth, Empress of the Void: one tap of her tiny foot on the Stone of Scone sets the worlds to shake. It’s 2133 and Pax Britannica has held sway for more than three thousand years

Celestials you will find and other servants of the Light. But always, there is the balance. So gentle traveler, as you walk the streets of NeoLondon, be wary …for the sky is dark and the fair queen is far away.