Tales from NeoVictoria: The Broken Portrait

The Broken Portrait

Event Description

A transport dirigible dropped a crate full of mirrors and books, and a magic portrait of the Queen.  The portrait broke.  Now its magic has escaped, causing the land to lift, and the mirrors to capture some of the recordings the portrait had made.


The NeoVictorians: AsilBindle Resident, Asil Karu, Asil Serpente, GhostFacedKiller Resident, Hmmmph Stenvaag, MadMechaMessiah Resident, NataliaDArtigo Resident, and peacelynxtree Resident.


This machinima documents the build created for the SLB12 Birthday celebration.

Build by Fianah Mistwood; textures and machinima by Asil Ares.

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    1. Thanks, Myomy. Now, if we can only figure out how to get it reposted to the SLB12 website. They have all their pages closed to comments. ;-(