Happy Birthday, Second Life!

We’re Included in SLB12!

Every year, players in Second Life get together to celebrate its birthday: this year, Second Life is twelve years old and the celebration begins on 21 June 2015.

The NeoVictoria Project is honored to be included in the official celebration.  Please visit us on SL12B Wonderous, click the link for the SLUrl to our parcel!

About NeoVictoria’s Exhibit

The NeoVictoria Project with its live action simulation on the Second Life platform is a unique dark roleplay environment crafted with a Steampunk aesthetic. The goal of the project is to create a self-sustaining cycle where roleplay becomes filmed story.

The build is based on a plot from our roleplay. Miss Ticka, the proprietress of the tavern, has sent her magic portrait of the Sidhe queen back to Old Earth for servicing.  During transport, negligent portal imps dropped its crate from their dirigible.  It crashed to ground, along with a crate of mirrors and books; now the magic has escaped, causing the land to lift and the mirrors to capture some of the recordings the portrait had made.

Credits:  Fianah Mistwood built the set.  Asil Ares and Crosswired Deanimator created some of the textures.  Fianah Mistwood made “{BHC} The Queens  Mirror” gift.  myomy Resident and Jhaesoph Foxdale made the “NeoVictoria Greeting HUD SL12B Edition FP” gift.

Want more?  Please visit us in-world or check out public website at http://www.neovictoria.net.

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