Report from the 2016 “Talk Like a Pirate” Party

The 2016 “Talk Like a Pirate” Party in the Skyclub in Machinima SIM.

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.
– Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi
Long shot of the Skyclub in Machinima SIM
The Party Was Hopping!

Event Description

Mateys …it wer a great success, this coming-together of scurvy dogs and knife-wielding lasses!  Miss  Gabrielle Riel rolled the shanty tunes on Radio Riel’s airways, and brought pirates and scallywags from across the Steamlands to the festooned skyclub in Machinima SIM.  And those what could attend, left some rum for the latecomers!  Until next year,  weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Guyholder Resident
Gabi and Guy Holder cut a rug.

 Winners of the 2016
“Best Female Pirate”

  1. Paisley Dawes
  2. LucindaJaneStrathmore
  3. Iliana Cerise
Paisley Dawes
Miss Paisley brings the boat.

Winners of the 2016
“Best Male Pirate”

  1. DedaginAndagin Resident
  2. MadMechaMessiah Resident
  3. StrangerInnaStrangeLand Resident
DedaginAndagin Resident
Dedagin Andagin strikes a pose.

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