Roleplay Class in the Skyclub


This is our public list of endeavors currently in development.  The links lead to our community website.  If you would like to join the community website, please visit:

A list of adventures, both IC and OOC

In-Character (IC)

Our-Of-Character (OOC)

  1. Sim Surround – water prim (Mad)
    October 2021
  2. Photo Contest
  3. OOC Trainings in the skyclub.
    November 2021
  4. New Mainland Mall (lead: Paisley)
    November 2021
  5. The Flying Tour (lead: Studio Yue).
    November 2021
  6. Machinima Skymall refresh (lead: Asil)
    December 2021
  7. SkyLevel as World Rezzer (lead Asil)
    November 2021
  8. Update the NRT (Jhae)
    November 2021
  9. New community website (Asil)
  10. Rework the Dice Rules (Mad)
    Ongoing … pending full GM review
  11. Bot-Tour in Final Round (Sandi)
    Ongoing … pending Sandi
  12. New Experiences HUD (Jhae)
Page last update: 6 October 2021


…a Steampunk adventure in machinima and dark roleplay

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