Portal Imp

Your Invitation to Trade Wars!

Trade Wars, Episode V:
The Portal Imp Guild Strikes Back

Trade Wars, Episode V: The Portal Imp Guild Strikes Back
Our November and December roleplay event

Portal imps are essential to the function of the Sidhe Empire on account of being the only ones who can reliably navigate the portal network between the empire’s worlds.  Naturally, they’re a huge part of the transport industry.  As the story of this sim-wide opens, shipments just suddenly stop.   Any attempt to contact the Portal Imp Guild are met with endless transfers of department.  Even low-ranking guild members can’t get a straight answer at first.  But then word gets to them that there’s a strike going on, and most of those imps end up being part of the strike.

What has caused this state of affairs?  Some imps strike for the want of full citizenship.  Others say it is a coupe within the senior management of the guild itself.  Still others hint at a puppet-master in the shadows who is playing a longer game and the Portal Imps are simply their first gambit.  Conspiracy theories abound.

Whatever the truth, for the citizens of NeoLondon, this strike  means shortages of goods that begin as an inconvenience but soon escalate to life threatening.

We kick this sim-wide off on Saturday, 20 November 2021 at 4 PM, SL-time.  Meet in the marketplace.

Want to play an imp?

Grendel’s Children has a FREE portal imp avatar.  We’ve used it for years as the standard portal imp avatar.  Comes with wings and a tail and a free AO.

SLUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avaria%20Tor/119/38/324

Put yourself in fly-mode before you teleport in.  Once there, navigate to the location.  The vendor is on an upper level, turn the viewer’s beacon on and follow the arrow.


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