The NeoVictoria Project presents “The Return of the Fishmen”

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 20 September 2016

The NeoVictoria Project presents “The Return of the Fishmen”.

Four days of non-stop roleplay, celebrating the NeoVictoria Project’s sixth year in Second Life!

This series of roleplay events begins on Tuesday, 20 September 2016, with a terrible explosion that floods the town.  Everyone is invited to roleplay with us!


In NeoVictoria, we do free-form dark roleplay.  Free-form means there is no script; scenes evolve out of real-time character interactions.  Dark roleplay means characters may act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways.

We use a simple dice-based wearable HUD called the NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool; avatars must wear this to see the roleplay chat.  The item is free and available in our Visitor Center and various locations on our out-of-character skymall.

Players don’t have to be a member of our group to roleplay here; we do ask newcomers take a tour of the Visitor Center in NeoVictoria SIM to learn about the storyworld before joining in the roleplay.  [Observer tags are also available for players who want to visit the land level, but not roleplay.]


Return of the Fishmen: The Flood

Time: Tuesday, 20 September from 6 pm.
Location: White Mansion [NeoVictoria SIM]
Event Description: The fishmen steal explosives from Sam’s ship, blow up the white mansion and in the ensuing mayhem, the town is flooded.

Return of the Fishmen: Preparations

Time: Wednesday, 21 September from 6 pm.
Location: Marketplace [NeoVictoria SIM]
Event Description
: The fishmen start swimming the sewers and get their gear in place under the apothecary, while the townfolk continue to deal with the flood and destruction

Return of the Fishmen: The Mer

Time: Thursday, 24 September from 4 pm.
Location: Sewers of NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM]
Event Description: Mer appear and warn the townfolk of the fishmen’s plans.

Return of the Fishmen: War

Time: Friday, 25 September from 6 pm/
Location: Marketplace Sewers [NeoVictoria SIM]
Event Description: The townsfolk, with the help of the Mer, oust the Fishmen and regain control of the town.  The waters recede.

Art for “Return of the Fishmen”.

Return of the Fishmen
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