Tales from NeoVictoria: The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 4

Date: 4 May 2014
Location: Outside the Castle of Lord Coat and Lady Zee and at the office of the NeoLondon Times  [NeoVictoria SIM]
Produced By: Myomy Ohmai

Players: ValentineAdler Resident as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler, Tarquin Evermore as Samuel Bellamy, LucindaJaneStrathmore Resident as Lucinda Jane Strathmore, Studio.Yue as Magnus Hellwalker, Myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai, and Rowena23 Resident as Dame Rowena Desade.

Event Description:

In NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM].  Professor Timmons has escaped the planet with his robot.  The Auditor and citizens of NeoLondon track his movements and discover his intended destination.  To Asperatus!  The hunt is on!

The roleplay continues tomorrow … join us at 6:00 PM, SecondLife-time when  we bring the story to Asperatus (or just tune in to this page for the update)!

At the NeoLondon Times Office:


Myomy sets the candle lantern down beside her press, and attaches the portable power rigging to the intake coils. She crosses her fingers and throws the tiny switch. A spark. A chittering sound. Then the chase bed starts to move. Slowly it swivels forward, then more quickly moves back into place. Myomy inks the platen, sighing with relief.

 In front of Lord Coat’s Castle:ffrp4_003

Valentine ‘Val’ Adler seemed pretty perturbed with the start of the new day, having been wearing the same suit he had before – a feat uncommon of the particularly well cleaned and put-together man. He slept in the castle that night, to attend to his bleeding prisoner, and to be certain he could not escape.

Lucinda Jane Strathmore  grabs the documents she’d gathered as well as the computational device from the desk, heading down to show them to the Auditor before reporting back to Myomy at the Times. “Here’s what I’ve gathered so far. From the looks of the maps stored on this thing, it looks like he had multiple escape routes planned. He certainly was prepared.”


Valentine ‘Val’ Adler strolls right up to Myomy, “Madame.. listen very carefully. A man by the name of Professor Timmons has created a bot, with the aid of Lord Coat – the castle occupant – that is capable of doing an endless amount of damage to not just NeoLondon, .. We must get the word out to the people of this town, as quickly as possible! ”


Rowena Desade: Nods her head in greeting to the well-armed man before taking his hand in a firm grip. “I am pleased to meet you Mr. Hellwalker. I am Dame Rowena Desade, Knight of the Realm and Admiral of the Fleet. I just recently arrived at this backwater and could not help but notice the commotion.” ffrp4_009

Rowena Desade: watches him go before turning and approaching the tall and slender man. “I do have a ship. It is my personal yacht, though armed it is certainly not very big. Do you think we will have need of it Sir?”

Valentine ‘Val’ Adler tucks the business card in his pocket and looks to the pilot. “Oh yes, we’ll need that vessel.” He pulls a notebook from his coat and jots down something on a piece of paper, tearing it out quickly and folding it. He holds it out to the side away from himself, and a small glowing porthole opens just enough for the note to disappear into. “I’m calling in a personal favor, if we need it.” He noted. “Yes, Myomy, certainly. We need all we can gather. We’re going to…” He checks the maps. “Asperatus … of the Faire lands.”

Robot Wanted
Have you seen this robot? Reward! Report to Mrs. Chickenstalker’s on Asperatus