Report from the 2016 “Talk Like a Pirate” Party

The 2016 “Talk Like a Pirate” Party in the Skyclub in Machinima SIM.

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.
– Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi
Long shot of the Skyclub in Machinima SIM
The Party Was Hopping!

Event Description

Mateys …it wer a great success, this coming-together of scurvy dogs and knife-wielding lasses!  Miss  Gabrielle Riel rolled the shanty tunes on Radio Riel’s airways, and brought pirates and scallywags from across the Steamlands to the festooned skyclub in Machinima SIM.  And those what could attend, left some rum for the latecomers!  Until next year,  weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Guyholder Resident
Gabi and Guy Holder cut a rug.

 Winners of the 2016
“Best Female Pirate”

  1. Paisley Dawes
  2. LucindaJaneStrathmore
  3. Iliana Cerise
Paisley Dawes
Miss Paisley brings the boat.

Winners of the 2016
“Best Male Pirate”

  1. DedaginAndagin Resident
  2. MadMechaMessiah Resident
  3. StrangerInnaStrangeLand Resident
DedaginAndagin Resident
Dedagin Andagin strikes a pose.

Radio Riel and the NeoVictoria Project present the 2016 “Talk Like a Pirate!” Event!

 For Immediate Release
 17 September 2014

Radio Riel & the NeoVictoria Project present 2016’s “Talk Like a Pirate!”

A celebration marking the NeoVictoria Project’s sixth year in Second Life!

This live radio event, broadcast on Radio Riel’s Steampunk channel, will celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  Miss Gabrielle Riel to Disc Jockey.  There will be prizes for best in male and female costumes! Argh!!!

Date: Monday, 19 September 2016
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm, Pacific-time (Second Life-time)
Location: The NeoVictoria SkyClub in Second Life [Machinima SIM]

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Monday, 19 September 2016 and also marks the sixth anniversary of the NeoVictoria Project in Second Life!  To celebrate we’re having a costume party in the NeoVictoria Skyclub and it’s a pirate theme. Radio Riel will broadcast the event over their Steampunk channel with Miss Gabrielle Riel as our disc jockey. The lucky he and she to win the “best in” will each receive Lindens!  The music starts at 6 PM, SL-time, with contest voting after 8 PM.  [The “Talk Like a Pirate” party is open to all adult Second Life residents and is not a formal roleplay event.]

About Radio Riel: An Internet-based public radio station supported by listeners and sponsors, Radio Riel produces six audio streams providing a unique selection of music, spoken-word, drama and additional programming to inform, educate and entertain, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Website:  Contact for Radio Riel: Gabrielle Riel.

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.
Website:  Contact for NeoVictoria: Asil Ares.

Art for “Talk Like a Pirate” Party, 2016

talk-like-a-pirate-2016_512x512 talk-like-a-pirate-2016-600x800

About Tarlec

Tarlec, a Planet Outside the Sidhe Empire

A pale jewel drifting through the void, this is the planet Tarlec.  A still-glowing ember of the once great Imaja Empire.  This reclusive race of self-made, practically immortal, animal-headed humanoids shaped in the likeness of Egyptian deities, were once feared and worshiped as gods across a multitude of worlds for more than a hundred millennia.  Now they are a reclusive order of scientists and scholars, observing the ruins of their once vast domain from distant towers within the timeless capitol of Asherat.  Forgotten by most, having outlived their subjects and enemies alike, they live in reflection and regret.

Tarlec was settled by the Imaja roughly 60,000 years ago, in the middle of their Imperial Era. The planet had no native inhabitants, being at the time an entirely lifeless world.  Imaja technology terra-formed enough so that life could survive.  It was chosen to serve as a monastery for the Imaja; designated as a place to purify self and soul of the corrupting influences of the opulent lifestyle they enjoyed elsewhere.  The Imaja Empire fell around 2000 B.C., following a cataclysmic war with an unnamed enemy (their name quite literally cannot be found in any records), all of the other Imaja worlds were destroyed, including Irtyu (their home-world), leaving Tarlec as their only remaining planet.

Seito in Silhouette
Desert Planet [Credits: Araxes SIM]
Tarlec is a small, Mars-sized planet that orbits a red dwarf star, shrouded in veils of interstellar dust, far out on the frontier of the Sidhe Empire. Covered in a yellow-orange coating of sand and silt, interrupted occasionally by vast mountain ranges of dense gray stone, it is an inhospitable place. It has no open bodies of water, no glaciers at its poles, and nothing green grows there. Its days are hot and its nights are terribly cold.

The few ancient cities that can be found are nestled amidst the mountains or lie within craters, usually covered by force-domes to keep out the dust stirred by the frequent, massive sandstorms which rage across the plains. The cities are inhabited almost exclusively by the Imaja.  As their sole remaining world, it houses their vast libraries, as well as the deeply buried necropolises which preserve their dead in eternal sleep.  All of their crops and livestock are grown within greenhouses contained in the cities. The largest city on the planet is its capitol, Asherat. From there, the planet and its people are ruled by the theocratic council of nine Hierarchs, near-godlike beings who see themselves as the living embodiment of heavenly order and perfection.

Seito Standing
Dr. Seito At The Gates [Credits: Araxes SIM]
There are some settlements populated by other species; they are buried deep in valleys dotted with caves that lead down to strata where groundwater can be tapped and at some crops grown.   These include humans, djinn, naga, and the rare, hardy thereanthrope.  It is through these communities that most of the trading is done with other worlds, and those traders, in turn, sell items of interest to the Imaja.  Sometimes direct trade with the Order is possible, but only through carefully negotiated terms, as they generally do not communicate directly with outsiders.

Tarlec is difficult to reach by ship, the routes leading there being full of navigational hazards, and its system is still patrolled by ancient automated sentinels which will attack unauthorized ships. Portals can be arranged for safer and more direct travel, but only with the approval of the Imaja or one of their chosen ambassadors.

Tarlec Balconey
Dr. Seito Watches [Credits: Araxes SIM]
Their planet’s remote location and formidable defenses make it a costly and impractical target for the Sidhe Empire, so an uneasy truce has been in place for the past century since the sidhe became aware of it.

To read about more planets, visit the Planets of the Sidhe Empire page.





Where Does the Power Come From?

How can an interstellar empire exist without nuclear power and warp-drives?

In the Neo-Verse, our characters travel between worlds by ‘walking the rifts’ …the terrible cold void which some can traverse in only their skin.  While others need the protection of flying machines.

The runes she draws fall like curtains, revealing the terrible coldness of the void under Augustus’ feet.

As for the cities and industries? These are powered by the souls of the dead. To learn more about how the Neo’Verse is structured, read the Economy of the Empire.


We’re in the Second Life Destination Guide for SLB13!

The celebration begins tomorrow; join the fun!

The NeoVictoria Project

The NeoVictoria Project is a unique dark-roleplay environment crafted with a steampunk aesthetic. This year’s build is a cinema: the lower level is open so folks who walk by can see information about the kinds of creatures who live in this storyworld, and the upper-level is the cinema itself, streaming five of the many machinima-movies made over the years. More info at

Visit in Second Life


Our Gifts for SLB13

Our Gift for this Year’s Big Hunt!

This year, Tarquin Evermore made some really nifty decorative gears …just perfect for your steampunk lifestyles!  They have resizer scripts and the center is scripted so the texture moves and flashes.  [It’s very dramatic.]  We have then staged at the corners of our build in SLB13 Electrify.  Happy hunting!

Our gifts for the Big Hunt!
Our gifts for the Big Hunt!

To learn more about this year’s hunt, visit the official SLB 13 website; here’s the link.  And, if you see Rosamoo Mendelsohn in-world, give them a hug and shout-out, ’cause producing a hunt this big is a tremendous labor of love.  Thanks, Rosamoo!

When you see this texture in-world, it means that parcel is participating in the hunt.

Happy 13th Birthday, Second Life!

About NeoVictoria’s Exhibit

This year our build is a Steampunk-styled cinema, the lower level is open so folks who walk by can see information about the kinds of creatures who live in our storyworld, and the upper-level is the cinema itself, streaming five of the many machinima-movies we’ve made over the years.

The NeoVictoria Project, with its live action simulation on the Second Life platform, is a unique dark roleplay environment crafted with a Steampunk aesthetic. The goal of the project is to create a self-sustaining cycle where roleplay becomes filmed story.

WordPress_Featured_16x9_672x378 CSLB13 LongShot

We’re So Pleased to be Included in SLB13!

Every year, players in Second Life get together to celebrate its birthday: this year, Second Life is thirteen years old and the celebration begins on Sunday, 19 June 2016.

The NeoVictoria Project is honored to be included in the official celebration.  Please visit us on SL13B Electrify, click the link for the SLUrl to our parcel!

Our gifts for the Big Hunt!
Our gifts for the Big Hunt!

Credits:  Asil Ares built the set.  Asil and Fianah Mistwood made some of the textures.  Tarquin Evermore made the hunt gifts.

Want more?  Please visit us in-world or check out public website at

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