NeoVictoria’s 2020 Treasure Hunt Has Begun!

NeoVictoria’s 2020 Treasure Hunt

Roleplay tools and theme-appropriate objects! All free and all new.
Runs the entire month of December.
Location: The in-world OOC tour in NeoVictoria SIM

New gifts to be added weekly. Join our in-world group for alerts when new gifts drop or follow this website!

2020 NeoVictoria Treasure Hunt!
Full of Steampunk goodness!

The NeoVictoria Crystal Ball

Our first gift is a mysterious crystal ball, with a touch script to turn its swirling animated texture off/on. Copy/Mod and full mesh. A perfect addition to your roleplay.

NeoVic Treasure Hunt 2020 Crystal Ball
Our first hunt gift

Many thanks to our own bartemiusbrickwood (aka the other Thing) for their donation of this object.