Tales from NeoVictoria: A Visit to Mrs. Chickenstalkers: Scene 2

A Visit to Mrs. Chickenstalkers:
Scene 2

Time: 20 April 2018 from 6 to 8:30 PM
Location: Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Athenaeum Arcana]
Organized By: Asil Ares

Players: Asil Karu as Healer Asil Karu; MadMechaMessiah as Haskell Faustus; Snowjob as Ramu Suzuka; LadyLyndon as Jane Black; Asil Ares as Asil Clockwerk; melonnyvix as Melonny and Hmmmph Stenvaag as Hmmmph the Bumbling Traveler.

Tea At Mrs. C's
NeoLondoners Enjoy Tea at Mrs. Chickenstalkers

Event Description

Wherein the Healer from NeoLondon visits the Mrs. Chickenstalker’s in Athenaeum Arcana with the intention of selling her Sleepytime Jam, only to discover one of their members may have been infected by a dark shadow. Will the Auditor be able to find lore in the Library that will aid Miss Black, or will the shadow devour her?  Can Hmmmph and Melonny start a friendship based only on drink and weapons?  Is the mysterious Ramu Suzuka really blind, or is it an elaborate con?  Join us and find out!

Fun Fact: Mrs. Chickenstalker’s Apothecary and Dry Good Emporiums are known throughout the Sidhe Empire; they have stores on all the Sidhe worlds, as well as several of the fairelands.

[Pictures will follow at a later date.]