Our Relay-for-Life Gifts for Fantasy Faire 2016

For the third year in a row, the NeoVictoria Project is proud to sponsor a SIM for Fantasy Faire.  This year, we’re sponsoring the Serenity SIM.

In addition to sponsoring the cost of the SIM, members of our community also made some very special items just for the Faire!

Purchase them at the Relay-for-Life vendors on the second level in our build on Serenity.

Shadow-Imp of the Soul-Eater
Come join in the chaos in Serenity! Comes with optional built-in, bump-driven health meter.
Mesh Skirt
Mesh & prim fantasy skirt set by Tarquin Evermore
Steampunk Clock, by Studio Yue
Clockwerk Box
Clockwerk Box by Studio Yue
Chinese Chair
Chinese Chair by Studio Yue
Lace Umbrella
Lace Umbrella by Studio Yue
Lamp Post
Lamp Post by Studio Yue

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