Fantasy Faire 2015

Tales from NeoVictoria: White Wedding ~ Party & Departure

Poster for White Wedding
Our roleplay cycle for Fantasy Faire 2015

White Wedding ~ Party & Departure

Event Description

The NeoLondoners celebrate the sacrifice of the lovers with a party and then return to NeoLondon. During the party, a stray dog eats the cake, but the party never flags, as the music, dancing and conversation keep their spirits high.


The NeoVictorians: Asil Karu as herself; Xiuhcohtl Balazic as Anya “Ginger” Greer; Fianah Mistwood as Miss Tickta; ValentineAdler Resident as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler; AgnusAleron Resident as Agnus Aleron; myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai; Jhaesoph Foxdale; Treyhem Whitfield as Treyhem Sleipnerson; MadMechaMessiah Resident as Leander Hatfield; and Tarquin Evermore as stray dog

The Aurorans: Ariadne Fall; Maskull Lorefield; Senet Blackburn; pumera; Lancelot Mint

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