Fantasy Faire 2015

Tales from NeoVictoria: White Wedding ~ The Trip to Aurora

Poster for White Wedding
Our roleplay cycle for Fantasy Faire 2015

White Wedding ~ The Trip to Aurora

Event Description

The scene begins in NeoVictoria as the NeoLondoners make the trip to Aurora. They arrive in Aurora and set up the bride in the Cathedral.  She remains there as they fan out to learn about the city and find the groom.

Players: Asil Karu as herself; MadMechaMessiah Resident as Leander Hatfield; AlyssTheMenace Resident as Nourie Hadig; NataliaDArtigo Resident as Natalia; Jhaesoph Foxdale as himself; AlexisKattalakys Resident as Alexis Kattalakys; Akasha Electricteeth as herself; peacelynxtree Resident as Lynx the Half-Pooka and Adara; Treyhem Whitfield as Treyhem Sleipnerson; Argus Steamweaver as himself; Crispin Sturges as Piotor; and Asil Ares as PortaImp FirstClass WhiteSmoke.

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