Sixth building of the Visitor Center in NeoVictoria

NeoVictoria is doing the Sinister Steampunk Hunt 4: Supernatural Steampunk Villains

Sinister Steampunk 4 Poster
Poster for the Sinister Steampunk 4 Hunt, October 2014.

This is the fourth year for this wonderful grid-wide hunt produced by Emedea Morgenstern of Rag Dollz fame. The theme is Supernatural Steampunk Villains.  The hunt is active until 31 October 2014.

Sinister Steampunk 4 Gift Advertisement
When guests are a pest, it can be helpful to have a convenient way to corral them; enter this rune-based stasis prison. An elegant roleplay prop.

Our Gifts

Because NeoVictoria’s land-level is only for in-character (IC) interactions, so we’re doing the hunt in our Visitor Center on our out-of-character (OOC) skymall. We are doing a mini-hunt; there are two prizes and all the gift gears are located in the domed buildings that are part of our Visitor Center.

To reach the first gift-gear, from our rezz-in point, please take the teleporter to the Visitor Center.  Simply touch the sign that says “Visitor Center” and a teleporter beam will appear. Right-click on this, then choose transport from the resulting menu.

Important: As of this writing, there is an error for our location on the hunt site.  The SLUrl for NeoVictoria is

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