Your Invitation to Trade Wars!

Trade Wars, Episode V:
The Portal Imp Guild Strikes Back

Trade Wars, Episode V: The Portal Imp Guild Strikes Back
Our November and December roleplay event

Portal imps are essential to the function of the Sidhe Empire on account of being the only ones who can reliably navigate the portal network between the empire’s worlds.  Naturally, they’re a huge part of the transport industry.  As the story of this sim-wide opens, shipments just suddenly stop.   Any attempt to contact the Portal Imp Guild are met with endless transfers of department.  Even low-ranking guild members can’t get a straight answer at first.  But then word gets to them that there’s a strike going on, and most of those imps end up being part of the strike.

What has caused this state of affairs?  Some imps strike for the want of full citizenship.  Others say it is a coupe within the senior management of the guild itself.  Still others hint at a puppet-master in the shadows who is playing a longer game and the Portal Imps are simply their first gambit.  Conspiracy theories abound.

Whatever the truth, for the citizens of NeoLondon, this strike  means shortages of goods that begin as an inconvenience but soon escalate to life threatening.

We kick this sim-wide off on Saturday, 20 November 2021 at 4 PM, SL-time.  Meet in the marketplace.

Want to play an imp?

Grendel’s Children has a FREE portal imp avatar.  We’ve used it for years as the standard portal imp avatar.  Comes with wings and a tail and a free AO.


Put yourself in fly-mode before you teleport in.  Once there, navigate to the location.  The vendor is on an upper level, turn the viewer’s beacon on and follow the arrow.


Join Us for Our 26th TownHall

Please join us for an out-of-character town hall. We’ll be discussing the state of the project.  We are doing two townhalls, the first for folks in the UK and EU, and the latter for the folks in the Americas.

Townhall 26a

17 Nov at 11 AM SL-Time
Skyclub Machinima Sim 

Townhall 26b

17 Nov 2021 at 3:30  PM SL-Time
Skyclub Machinima Sim 

If you have never been to NeoVictoria, or are looking for a way to get more involved, this is a perfect event for you.  Everyone is welcome.  Join us!

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Your Invitation to Our Seventh Clockwerk Gala

The NeoVictoria Project Presents Our Seventh Clockwerk Gala

Clockwerk Gala
Join us at 3 PM, SL-time

An afternoon of roleplay, celebrating the Sidhe empire’s clockwerk warriors!

Dress your avatar in Steampunk-style, pick up an NRT HUD in the Visitor Center, and join us in the tavern for an afternoon of roleplay.  Excellent opportunity for new players!

Time: Thursday, 11 November 2021 from 3pm to 5pm, SL-time
Location: Victoria Inn & Tavern, NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM]
Event Type: in-character party (known, and unknown, characters welcome)

Background on the Clockwerk Balls

Often sponsored by local veteran associations, “Clockwerk Galas” are very popular affairs, serving as fund-raisers and recruitment.  The most amazing is held every Fall in Old London on Old Earth.  It runs a fortnight with the oldest houses vying to raise the most money with fantastical parties and auctions.  The “Royal Clockwerk Ball” closes the festivities; it’s held in Buckingham Slithen and all the Court attends.  Here the most valiant of the year’s warriors are awarded the Sidhe Cross.

The NeoLondoners are planning one evening of celebration, in the Victoria Inn and Tavern.   All clockwerks are welcome. All proceeds going to the local widows and orphans fund. [This is roleplay; no actual money is being raised.]

In the Sidhe Empire we find three kinds of mecha.

  • Augments (living creatures with clockwerk parts),
  • Automatons (clockwerk dolls housing conscious souls),
  • and Strand Constructs (golems of pure machine consciousness).

To learn more about how to play a clockwerk character in the Neo’Verse, read the excerpt on the Cyborg Concordance on this site and join in the fun!

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About the Roleplay: In NeoVictoria, we do free-form dark roleplay.  Free-form means there is no script; scenes evolve out of real-time character interactions.  Dark roleplay means that characters often act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways.  We use a simple dice-based wearable HUD called the NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool ; avatars must wear this to see roleplay chat.  The item is free and available in the out-of-character skymall.

Players do not have to be a member of our group to roleplay here; we ask newcomers take a tour of the Visitor Center in NeoVictoria SIM to learn about the storyworld before joining in the roleplay.

[Observer tags are also available for players who want to visit the land level, but not roleplay.]

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My Entry to NeoVictoria Photo Contest 2021

The title image here is my entry for the NeoVictoria Photo Contest 2021. It runs until 15th November 2021 and anyone can enter. Just take a Steampunk style snapshot in either of the NeoVictoria Project regions and post it in the Flickr group, then comment on the rules post that you consent to the terms.

The First prize is 5000 L$ so it’s wotrh a quick snap!

Press Release:

Arrival Point:

NeoVictoria Flickr Group:

Rules post:
(Which you should read, since you have to comment on it to enter.)

Below are a few of my other snaps that I considered entering for the contest:

Outfit Credits:

2021 Photo Contest Poster
Take your shot, starting 15 October 2021!

Photo Location:

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