NeoVictoria is Doing the Steam 10 Hunt

It’s a Mini-Hunt with 9 Dreamy Gifts!

Steam: the Dream Hunt Poster
Historical Hunts, Ltd. presents STEAM X.
Steam: The Dream.
1-31 March 2015

The only Victorian Steampunk-themed grid-wide hunt in SecondLife is produced by Historical Hunts.  This is our fifth year contributing and this year we’re stop 95.

We always do a mini-hunt: this one may be the best one ever!

We have nine gifts staged throughout our Visitor’s Center on the skylevel of NeoVictoria SIM.

Our skylevel is always out-of-character (OOC), so hunters won’t disrupt the roleplay.

Here’s the list:

  • 2015 Souvenir Calendar
  • Dreaming of Steam Orb
  • Prison Sphere ~ Sidhe Trap
  • NeoVictoria’s Steamy Dreamboat
  • Prison Sphere ~ Nyx Trap
  • NeoVictoria’s Steamy Dreamboat ~ Pirate Edition
  • Steampunk Covered Seat
  • Prison Sphere ~ Loam Trap
  • and the NeoVictoria Toast and Drink HUD Steam X Special Edition with mesh wine glass.

The hunt always begins at the Steampunk Information Centre in Mieville Doyle.  If you’d like to visit NeoVictoria now, here’s the SLUrl:

NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: 2015 Calendar
Every year, we do a commemorative calendar for the Steam Hunt that fits its theme. This year’s is packed with dreamy images from our Steampunk storyworld.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Dream Orb
This mesmerizing prop contains a simple meditation sit, perfect for the conjurer, dreaming worlds.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Fae Traps
Magical traps to keep the fae at bay; one for the Sidhe, one for the Nyx and one for the Loam. The trick is getting them into the traps …but that is for you to roleplay.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Dream Boat
This charming vessel can roam the land or the seas! Rezz, then sit.
The avatar on the chest at back drives, but there are sits for all, including a tiny sit on the treasure chest.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Pirate Boat
This pirate vessel can roam the land or the seas! Rezz, then sit.
The avatar on the chest at back drives, but there are sits for all, including a tiny sit on the treasure chest.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Seat
In the NeoVictoria storyworld, magic and technology come together to serve the needs of the citizenry. Rather than harnessing the powers of oil or the atom, they have devised a way to capture the essence of a creature (some might call it the spirit or soul) to use as an energy source.
Here in this covered seat, a captive soul within a crystal container is used to make light in the covering above the seat.
NeoVictoria Gifts for Steam 10: Toast HUD
Welcome to the NeoVictoria Steam X Drinking and Toast HUD! This device was initially made as a roleplay aid, but can also be used to easily animate your avatar while holding unscripted drinks!  Includes an unscripted, modifiable mesh wine glass!

Credits: As always, the items were built by members of our community. Thanks to Tarquin Evermore for the boats and the dream orb; to Vic Titanium for the scripts that drive the boats; to QuarkZen for the covered seat; to OhDearMe and Jhaesoph Foxdale for the HUD; to Asil Ares for the traps and calendar; and to Myomy for the mesh wine glass. Special mention to MadMechaMessiah & DarlaDoll for crafting the hints!

About Thracia

About Thracia, a Planet of the Sidhe Empire

Myomy in Thracia, light side.
Myomy, looking over the sea. [Credits: Mieville Wells]
Thracia is a small planet, located in the Andromeda galaxy. Strategically it’s near enough to Old Earth (the seat of the Queen and her court) to be an easy hop for an extended weekend but far enough away to be a serene retreat, relatively unaffected by royal politics. It has earned the nickname of “the shopping planet,” although it is also known for less innocent pleasures. The planet is orbitally locked, so that one side always faces the sun and the other is forever in darkness.

Myomy visits the dark side. [Credit: Hangers Liquid, Insilico]
The planet’s core is rich in essential and rare minerals, engendering an industrial blight in the unlit hemisphere and supporting a luxuriant shopping and resort area in the hemisphere blessed with eternal sunshine. This dichotomy creates a divisive local economy between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” somewhat reminiscent of Old Earth’s French Republic in the 1848.

To read about more planets, visit the Planets of the Sidhe Empire page.

The Public Website

Managing an online presence is never static.  Over the years, we’ve done some major redesigns, including separating our private community site from our public Internet presence.  We had been using an aggregator for the public site, but found it lacked the dynamism the project required, so last year, we began building this new public website using the WordPress platform.

We’ve published enough information now, that it’s ready to represent! [There’s still lots that need to be added, like all the race information and planet descriptions and …the list goes on, but we won’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so please follow us, if you want alerts.]

Flavors Site
Goodbye; it was nice to know ya!

As of this writing, our public website URL of is pointing to this WordPress site [].  The Flavors site [] will sunset in March.

Roleplay Homes

Effective February 2015, we moved to the CasperLet system. All new rentals and future payments should be made to that system. [We used to use the Alika Rental system; as current rentals expire on that server, their boxes will be deleted.]

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We don’t rent PRIMs in NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM]. We do rent ROLEPLAY homes in Machinima SIM!  To read all the information about rentals, visit the Rental Information page.

Tales from NeoVictoria: The Operation

The Operation

Event Details

Time: 16 January 2015 from 3:30pm to 6pm

Location: Laboratory of Bowley Castle [NeoVictoria SIM]

Event Type: roleplay

Organized By: QuarkZen Resident

Players: QuarkZen Resident as Trissbryn; Asil Karu as herself; and MadMechaMessiah as Leander Hatfield.

Event Description

Wherein the healer does an extraction and the undertaker gets a new eye.