Fantasy Faire 2014

Overview of Our Involvement

  • We sponsored the Asperatus SIM.  Its builder was Beq Janus (of New Babbage).  It was a steampunk-inspired city in the sky.
  • Our Store:  A pre-fab, size is 40×30 and 2 floors.  It was staged near the entrance to the SIM.
  • Roleplay Events:  We scripted our own 7 day event titled The Revenge of Professor Timmons.
  • Our Page on the FantasyFaire website.  We were given our own page on the FF website, specific for our roleplay.
Landing in Asperatus
Dame Rowena Desade set the airship down on the landing pad on top of the Asperatus. The trip had been rough, the ship being buffeted by the massive air currents common in jump travel. “Well that was not quite as bad as I thought it would be.” She looks down and examines the control console. “It looks like the ship came through intact as well.”