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NeoVictoria is Participating in the Steam XVI Hunt

It’s an 8 gift mini-hunt!

The only Victorian Steampunk-themed grid-wide hunt in SecondLife is produced by Historical Hunts.  This is our 11th year contributing and this year we’re stop 82!

We usually do a mini-hunt: this one features lovely, pirate themed props and accessories!

We have eight gifts staged throughout our Pirate Lair (created exclusively for this hunt!) on the skylevel of NeoVictoria SIM.

Our skylevel is always out-of-character (OOC), so hunters won’t disrupt the roleplay.

Here’s the list:

Large “Wooden” Mesh Beams
Use it as a prop: add sits or place for visual appeal. Perfect to a pirate’s lair or a warehouse picnic.
A magical sphere with a pulsing heart. Perfect as a beacon to guide friendlies to your private lair or resize to use a desk l
Six barrels of ale stacked on a wooden base. Perfect as décor for your pirate bar or dock.
Based on the historic streetlamps of Brighton England, this original mesh creation is perfect for your Victorian or Steampunk builds!
The finest ale, barrel sized. Perfect for your pirate ship or bar.
Comes in standard mesh sizes, fits mesh bodies with the use of alpha hud.
The NeoVictoria Steamhunt Commemorative Calendar returns!

A special thank you to MadMechMessiah and Paisley Dawes for producing this event, and to contributors Studio Yue and Ava Bloodrose Delaney for their generous gifts!