The NeoVictoria Project Presents our Eleventh Year Anniversary Events!

 For Immediate Release
 20 September 2021

We are Eleven Years Old!

September 2021 marks the NeoVictoria Project’s tenth anniversary.  Over the years, we have transcribed more than two-thousand roleplays to our community website, produced almost one hundred machinimas, sponsored nine Fantasy Faires, and welcomed hundreds of players into our community.

For the next two months, we celebrate this success with a mixture of roleplay and out-of-character events.   Everyone is invited, and everyone is welcome.  Come and celebrate with us!

Play a victim or play to find a cure!

The NeoVictoria Project presents “The Nightmare

Ten days of non-stop roleplay! This series begins on Monday, 20 September 2021, when a deadly green fog makes its appearance in the sewers under the city. Everyone is invited to roleplay with us!


Monday, 20 September: Beginnings

  • Start: 10 AM, SL-time
  • A green fog appears in certain spots in the NeoLondon sewers. Townfolk begin to feel its effects.
  • Location: The Sewers [NeoVictoria SIM]
  • SLUrl: [OR from the final round of the tour, use the scripted teleport for the sewers.]

Tuesday, 21 September: The Fog

  • Start: Noon, SL-time
  • The fog, and the effect, begins to spread.
  • Location: Marketplace [NeoVictoria SIM]

Thursday, 23 September: Creeping Dread

  • Start: Noon, SL-Time
  • We now have a full flung pandemic, with characters in different stages of the disease. The healer gets caught up.
  • Location: Apothecary [NeoVictoria SIM]

Saturday, 25 September: Bodies Pile

  • Start: Noon, SL-Time
  • The town healer has found a way to stop the progression of the disease by putting the infected into stasis chambers. The main nave of the cathedral becomes the impromptu holding area.
  • Location: Cathedral of Air and Darkness [NeoVictoria SIM]

Monday, 27 September: Solutions

  • Start: 10 AM, SL-time
  • A possible cause it reveals and the search for Doctor Akai commences.
  • Location: Apothecary [NeoVictoria SIM]

Tuesday, 28 September: Breakthrough

  • Start: Noon, SL-time
  • The loci of the infection is revived. Doctor Akai and the mortician contrive a way to revive the townpeople in stasis.
  • Location: Marketplace [NeoVictoria SIM]

Thursday, 30 September: Wrap Up

  • Start: 3 PM, SL-time
  • The treatment is applied to the remaining infected and the fog fades from the sewers.
  • Location: Cathedral of Air and Darkness [NeoVictoria SIM]

In NeoVictoria, we do free-form roleplay.  This means there is no script; scenes evolve out of real-time character interactions.  Dark roleplay means characters may act in aggressive, predatory, criminal, and plain uncomfortable ways.

We use a simple dice-based wearable HUD called the NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool; avatars must wear this to see the roleplay chat.  The item is free and available in our Visitor Center and various locations on our out-of-character SkyMall.

Players don’t have to be a member of our group to roleplay here; we ask newcomers to take a tour of the Visitor Center in NeoVictoria SIM to learn about the storyworld before joining in the roleplay.  [Observer tags are also available for players who want to visit the land level, but not roleplay.]

NeoVictoria’s 2021 Photo Contest

We will use Flickr for submissions. Winners to be announced at a special party at the end of November.

  • Shoot on our land level.
  • Publish to Flickr.
  • Include your picture in the NeoVictoria Group and the SL Pic of the day Flickr groups.
  • One picture per avatar.
  • Runs 15 October to 15 November.
Spend a spooky night in the skyclub.

Halloween Extravaganza 12

NeoVictoria will have a Halloween Costume bash to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Radio Nightingale will broadcast the event on both Radio Riel Main and Radio Nightingale Steampunk.

Dress your avatar in scary Steampunk, Victorian, Mecha, or Goth style and join us in Machinima SIM.   The party is not a formal roleplay event and is open to all adult Second Life residents; however, child avatars are not permitted.

  • Saturday, 31 October 2020
  • Time: 6 PM to 9 PM, SL-time (aka Pacific)
  • Gabrielle Riel to disc jockey.
  • MadMechaMessiah to host.
  • There will be prizes for best in male and female costumes!
  • Location: The Skyclub in Machinima Sim

About the Featured Picture Image

Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” was created in 1781 and became of the artist’s best known works.  He recreated it on several occasions.  It suggests what the sleeper feels, not what they see.  When planning this SIM-wide, this painting was one of our inspirations.

Radio Nightingale and the NeoVictoria Project present the 2021 “Talk Like a Pirate!” Event!

 For Immediate Release
 17 September 2021

Radio Nightingale & the NeoVictoria Project present 2021’s “Talk Like a Pirate!” Event!

The skyclub is ready for this year’s Talk Like a Pirate event!

A celebration marking the NeoVictoria Project’s Eleventh Year in Second Life!

This live radio event, broadcast on Radio Nightingales’ Steampunk channel, will celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”.   Gabrielle Riel Morningstar to Disc Jockey.  There will be prizes for best costumes! Argh!!!

Date:  Sunday, 19 September 2021
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm, Pacific-time (Second Life-time)
Location: The NeoVictoria SkyClub in Second Life [Machinima SIM]

This year, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Sunday, 19 September 2021.  That date also marks the eleventh anniversary of the NeoVictoria Project in Second Life!  To celebrate we’re having a costume party in the NeoVictoria Skyclub and it’s a pirate theme.

  • Radio Nightingale will broadcast the event over their Steampunk channel with Gabrielle Riel Morningstar  as our disc jockey.
  • Our host is MadMechaMessiah.
  • The lucky winners of  our “best in” costume contests will receive Lindens!
  • The music starts at 6 PM, SL-time, with contest voting after 7 PM.

Our “Talk Like a Pirate” party is open to all adult Second Life residents and is not a formal roleplay event.

About Radio Nightingale:  Radio Nightingale (formerly known as Radio Riel) is an Internet-based public radio station supported by listeners and sponsors.  They produce six audio streams which provide a unique selection of music, spoken-word, drama and additional programming to inform, educate and entertain, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact: Gabrielle Riel.

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.
Contact: Asil Ares.

Art for “Talk Like a Pirate” Party, 2021

Talk Like a Pirate at the NeoVictoria Skyclub!

Skyplatforms in NeoVictoria SIM

We Have Many Levels

The simulations in Second Life reach almost 5,000 meters.  Since the SL viewer has a maximum draw distance of 512 meters, that gives makers the option to create skyplatforms.  Last year, the Lab added the ability to change the environmental settings at different elevations.  For the project,  that meant that we were able to create new planets at different elevations, or new locations to our characters’ homeworld of planet NeoVictoria.

Below are the current platforms and a little about each location.  All are 360-degree panorama (equirectangular) snapshots were taken using  SL Viewer – Second Life Project 360 Capture.

The pictures are currently hosted on the Flickr platform because it has the ability to support the 360-degree effect.  Click the photo to open a new tab that allows an interactive engagement.

The Visitor Center and Skymall

Here are the first places players visit when they teleport to the estate.  It’s out-of-character (OOC) and offers information on what folks need to begin roleplaying with us.

The Port City of NeoLondon [the landlevel]

This is the main roleplay area.  We have made a lot of additions to create the effect of a port city surrounded by rolling hills.  On this planet, the light is cast by the moon.  It is a twilight world.  The NeoVictoria SIM has free character rentals and the Machinima SIM has pay-for rentals.

NeoLondon Junkyard and Skyship Port

This is the shipyard, Skyport, and junkyard for NeoLondon.

NeoLondon Fairgrounds and Forest

A favorite place to celebrate the solstices, this location also has extensive forests, secret caves, and sacred trees.

Letwick, Planet NeoEdinburgh

Colonized by people from the highlands of Scotland on Old Earth, NeoEdinburgh is an ocean world with few large landmasses, but thousands of tiny islands.

Strand War Memorial, Planet Greenwell

This planet was almost completely destroyed at the end of the Strand War. This sector of the city has been left as it was at the end of the war and now acts as a museum and memorial to the struggle.