What’s Ahead in the Coming Months of 2021

Join the Project’s Upcoming Events

We have exciting events planned for the coming months!  Some are in-character (IC) roleplay events, while others are out-of-character (OOC) parties.

Everyone is invited!  If you have questions or want to learn more, send us a note via this website or IM Asil Ares in-world.

A Search in New Ledwick (IC)

The captain and the soul-caster lead the NeoLondoners on a search for a missing soul cage.  Come play a townsfolk!  We are roleplaying this through the end of August.

Talk Like a Pirate! (OOC)

Saturday, 19 September 2021 at 6 PM
A celebration marking the NeoVictoria Project’s eleventh year in Second Life!  This live radio event, broadcast on Radio Nightingale’s Steampunk channel, will celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  There will be prizes for best in male and female costumes! Argh!!!

Play a victim or play to find a cure!

The Nightmare (IC)

20 September to 30 September
Every year we do a special roleplay cycle to celebrate our anniversary.  This year, we’ll be ELEVEN years old!  Look for many days of roleplay revolving around a terrible sickness that starts in the mind and ends …well, join us and see!

Photo Contest (OOC)

Begins 15 October and ends 15 November
Open to everyone in Second Life, images must be created in the NeoVictoria estate and relate to our storyworld.  The top ten photographers will receive Lindens!  The winners will be announced on Halloween.

Spend a spooky night in the skyclub.

Halloween Extravaganza 11 (OOC)

31 October
In association with Radio Nightingale, NeoVictoria is having a Halloween Costume bash to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Radio Nightingale will broadcast the event over their main channel and we’ll have a costume party in the NeoVictoria Skyclub with a steampunk theme.  Dress your avatar in scary Steampunk, Victorian, Mecha, or Goth style and join us in Machinima SIM.

Bonfire Night Masquerade 8 (IC)

5 November
To celebrate the 533rd anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day, the city of NeoLondon plans a gala event.   Mr. Fawkes was a famous shapeshifter who used his skills to amass gunpowder (and it was rumored there were other fell objects) beneath the parliament building in 1605.  In imitation of Guy, don masks, change your shape and hair, disguise your voice (or rp style) and join in the frivolity.

Clockwerk Gala 6 (IC)

11 November
Often sponsored by local veteran associations, “Clockwerk Galas” are very popular affairs, serving as fund-raisers and recruitment.  The most amazing is held every Fall in Old London on Old Earth, it runs a fortnight with the oldest houses vying to raise the most money with fantastical parties and auctions.  The “Royal Clockwerk Ball” closes the festivities; its held in Buckingham Slithen and all the Court attends.  Here the most valiant of the year’s warriors are awarded the Sidhe Cross.

Yuletide Ball 8 (IC)

21 December
Our traditional end-of-year IC celebration.  As ever, tied to the actual Winter solstice!

Lots of roleplay happens that’s not planned, or only planned a week in advance, so join our in-world group or public announcer for as-it-happens alerts!