Schedule for the Sidhe and the Soul-Eater

Performance Schedule for “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater”

Poster for “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater”

Here is the schedule for the roleplay cycle we’re producing for Fantasy Faire 2016.  Some scenes are set in NeoVictoria SIM and some are in the Serenity SIM in the Fairelands.

ALL TIMES ARE SECOND LIFE TIMES (a.k.a PDT – Pacific Daylight Time)

Everyone is invited to roleplay with us!  We will be shooting machinima, so please wear your low-arc, low-script finest.

Scene 1 ~ The Dullahan Arrives

Time: Thursday, 21 April 2016 from 5pm to 9pm, SL-time
Location: NeoLondon Town [NeoVictoria SIM]

Event Description

A soul-caster, the dullahan named Crom Dubh, arrives on planet NeoVictoria. With the help of Cerridwen, the Sidhe of the Cathedral, they open a portal to the Fairelands and the city of Serenity.

Scene 2 ~ Finding The Automaton

Time: Friday, 22 April 2016 from 6pm to 9pm, SL-time
Location: The Cathedral [Serenity SIM]

Event Description

Crom Dubh finds the Sidhe automaton, but also discovers that small evils, minions of the soul-eater, have begun to infiltrate the city.

Scene 3 ~ Understanding the Threat

Time:  Monday, 25 April 2016 from 6pm to 9pm, SL-time
Location: The Cathedral [Serenity SIM]

Event Description

Crom Dubh and the Sidhe automaton use magic and science to understand not only how to dispatch the little evils, but what their presence portends: the Soul-Eater’s complete escape from its binding well and the destruction of the city.

Scene 4 ~ Battle Against the Soul-Eater

Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2016 from 6pm to 9pm, SL-Time
Location: The Cathedral [Serenity SIM]

Event Description

Crom Dubh and the Sidhe automaton rally the city to fight the Soul-Eater.

Scene 5 ~ Release & Celebration

Time: Thursday, 28 April 2016 from 5pm to 9pm, SL-time
Location: The Cathedral [Serenity SIM]

Event Description

His duty completed, Crom Dubh releases the Sidhe’s soul from its mechanical shell, so it may find peace. The city comes together in musical celebration.

Gabrielle Riel from Radio Riel is our DJ for the party;  she will start broadcasting at 7 pm, SL-time.  The party will be in-character.

Scene 6 ~ Returning Home

Time: Friday, 29 April 2016 from 6 to 9 PM, SL-time
Location: The Cathedrals [Serenity & NeoVictoria SIMs]

Event Description

Crom Dubh and the NeoLondoners return to NeoLondon, closing the portal between their dimensions.


Tales from NeoVictoria: Promo for “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater”

Promo for “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater”

Poster for “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater”

Please join us, the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group, for this very special series of roleplay events, produced exclusively for Fantasy Faire 2016.  Beginning on Thursday, 21 April in NeoVictoria SIM, we’ll  bring our story of duty and heroism to the Fairelands on Friday, 22 April, when our intrepid band of roleplayers land in the  Elven city of Serenity!

Roleplayers from all the Fairelands are encouraged to join us!

Event Description

Thousands of years past, a sidhe failed in their duty and let a nameless terror into the worlds.  It cost them their life, but not their soul.  That was put into a mechanical marvel, and so began their long service as a sentinel against the darkness.

But after so long, their mechanical body has begun to fail and that nameless evil escapes its bonds.  The automaton sends word to the Sidhe Empire for assistance.

Will help arrive in time?

Fantasy Faire 2016

For the third year in a row, the NeoVictoria Project is proud to sponsor a SIM for Fantasy Faire.  This year, we’re sponsoring the Serenity SIM.

Built by Kaelis Ember and Aikeo Rieko, it promises to be an elvish fantasy.  “They say there are one thousand steps to the top of Serenity, an ancient city, every nook and cranny carved to perfection, smooth curves, beautiful terraces, stunning waterfalls, latticed windows. Built by ageless hands so many moons ago, they also say that those who ascend to the top of the city will discover something more valuable than gold, the knowledge we’re not alone in our fights.”

Fundraising for the fight against cancer.

Fantasy Faire 2016 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, 21 April to Sunday, 3 May 2015, enjoy eleven days of shopping, live music, auctions, hunts and roleplaying!

Please visit the official Fantasy Faire website to learn more.

NeoVictoria is Doing the Steam 11 Hunt

It’s a Mini-Hunt with Five Gifts Inspired by the Sea!

Steam 11: Realms of the Deep

The only Victorian Steampunk-themed grid-wide hunt in SecondLife is produced by Historical Hunts.  Voted the BEST GRID-WIDE HUNT (STEAM X) and BEST HUNT ORGANIZER in this year’s HUNTIES Awards, this is our sixth year contributing, and this year we’re stop 70.

We always do a mini-hunt: this one may be the most amusing ever!

We have five gifts staged throughout our Visitor’s Center on the skylevel of NeoVictoria SIM.

Our skylevel is always out-of-character (OOC), so hunters need not fear they’ll disrupt the roleplay.

Here’s the list:

  • 2016 Souvenir Calendar
  • Fully-furnished Skybox (or Houseboat)
  • Mer Poser
  • Angler Headlight
  • NPC Attack Fish

The hunt always begins at the Steampunk Information Centre in Mieville Doyle and runs the entire month of March.  However, if you’d like to visit NeoVictoria right now, here’s the SLUrl:

Our commemorative calendar is packed with images of sea and sky from our Steampunk storyworld.
This charming studio is perfect as a skybox or houseboat; its tiny living at its best!
An undersea poser, perfect for your grotto or shipwreak.
An amusing wearable, or a rezzable wall-sconce …you decide!
Got a sunken treasure that needs a guard? This modable object rezzes a dangerous-looking fish when someone walks into it! Perfect addition to any undersea theme.

Credits: As always, the items were built by members of our community. Thanks to QuarkZen for the skybox; to Jhaesoph Foxdale for the fish-trap; to Asil Ares for the calendar & mer-pose; and to MadMechaMessiah for the angler headlight and for crafting the hints!