The NeoLondon Times ~ Volume 23

The mechanical owl drops the paper at your feet, as he flies away, he whistles, “Latest edition …Secrets of Bison VII Revealed! Hatfield Jailed! Visit the new Townhall!”

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A New Roleplay Tool!

Since April 2013, we’ve used a roleplay tool, created by jade2022 kaligawa.  It was a wonderful tool-set when we transitioned away from the Community Combat System (CCS), and really helped the project to thrive.  However, in  April 2015, the developer had to take their personal server off-line; the loss of the server meant some of the admin functions stopped working.  It became clear a tool that worked entirely within SL was needed.

Announcing the NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool (NRT)!

We’ve developed a simple free wearable object called the “NeoVictoria Roleplay Tool (NRT)” which allows the player to create unique names for their characters, offers chat-options in terms of what other players can see when that character speaks, and includes a variety of dice.

Touch this sign in-world for your free copy

This tool was developed by the members of the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group and scripted by Jhaesoph Foxdale.  The object is copy/transfer, and may be acquired by touching the many giver-objects we have staged throughout the Skymall on Machinima SIM, and the Visitor Center on NeoVictoria SIM.

Here’s the link to the complete User’s Guide.