Tales from NeoVictoria: White Wedding ~ The Bride Arrives

Poster for White Wedding
Our roleplay cycle for Fantasy Faire 2015

White Wedding ~ The Bride Arrives

Event Description

Augustus Whitehill has left, but winter remains.  To their surprise, a new visitor appears; the shade of his bride: Nourie Hadig.  She tells them of her fate; how her spirit has been pulled from planet-to-planet, always arriving a few days after he has departed. Touched by her plight, the NeoLondoners bring her to the tavern and the room her husband had stayed in.  When she discovers he has crossed dimensions, she flies into a rage, breaking objects and damaging Miss Tickta.  Leander Hatfield uses his deadening gift to disable her; calmness returns and they promise to help her to him.

Players: Asil Karu as herself; Akasha Electricteeth as Nourie Hadig; Fianah Mistwood as Miss Tickta; MadMechaMessiah Resident as Leander Hatfield; and peacelynxtree Resident as Lynx the Half-Pooka