Invitation to Myomy’s Tour of NeoLondon

New Player Friendly RP: Myomy Tours NeoLondon for the Photography Contest

Contest runs the entire month of December.

Time: Sunday, 7 December 2014 from 4pm to 6pm, SL-Time
Starting at the NeoLondon Times Office [NeoVictoria SIM]
Organized By:

Event Description

Myomy pockets her little notebook and takes up her camera.  It is time to scout out some good locations for the upcoming NeoLondon Photography contest.  All are welcome to come along while we explore the town, discuss what our characters would sense and say about themselves and what is happenings around them. [For this session, OOC questions about RP will be allowed in ((double parentheses) in the local chat.]

About the Contest

The contest is about capturing the spirit of NeoVictoria’s roleplay for a 2015 calendar.  It runs through 31 December 2014.  To read the official rules, visit the NeoVictoria 2014 Photo Contest discussion in our Koin-Up group.

About the Project

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment.  Built with a Steampunk aesthetic, the goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story.  Website:  Contact for NeoVictoria: Asil Ares.

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