About Cyborgs

In human mythology, some of the earliest stories revolve around our creations taking on independent life.  From Pigmalion and Galathea to Geppetto and Pinocchio, our ancestors were drawn to the possibility that the act of creation could make a new living thing.  Maybe it is the oldest secret desire of our species: to create life through a personal act of creative will.

In the Neo’verse, clockwerk creations have a place in the Sidhe Empire. There are three kinds:

  • living creatures augmented with clockwerk parts,
  • automatons powered by living souls,
  • and golems of pure machine consciousness.

To learn more about our mecha read the abridged version of  “The Cyborg Concordance” posted to this site, join the community website or wander the Visitor’s Center in-world for a wearable book.

CC Cover 512x853

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