Revenge of Professor Timmons: Cerridwen Attacked!

In NeoLondon. Timmon’s robot is released from the Castle Lab, breaks the wards to a door and enters the Cathedral. The resourceful Sam attempts to stop it, but not before it injects Strand motes into the organ that controls the power center; they begin to interfere with Cerridwen’s ability to feed energy to the City. Lights start to go out, running water ceases to flow.

Cerridwen alerts the Auditor, advising if the power plant in the Cathedral were to go silent, the Empire would send some people in a big hurry. Some very very scary people. Val Adler shares this information with the group and Sam shares what he discovered at the castle the previous evening. The group goes in search of more clues, leaving Cerridwen in flames, attempting to understand that true nature of the threat.

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